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Photo by Joe Kleon

Photo by Joe Kleon

Here is your weekly digital mixtape of recommended SongCast artists that we think you should check out.  Share this blog and give the gift of music to your friends and family.

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Here is your weekly ear candy:

Hip Hop:
New York City:  Godfather Pt.3 is a member of the Queensbridge New York City group of rappers called the Infamous Mobb.  Since 1995 and affiliated to the most famous duo Mobb Deep established since 1993 , God Pt.3 continues to release innovative material, helping to redefine the genre.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and check out a dose from the release Chemical Imbalance.

Houston, Texas:  Anacarina says it best:  “I can’t contain it, flooding like waves. Nothing can stop it. Nothing can hold it back . . .” Stream this Pop Spotlight and become familiar with the complex, yet delightful and danceable indie Pop from this rising star from the lone star state.

New Rochelle, New York:   Karais James has escaped from the muddled mazes of mediocrity. He has an inherent and uncanny artistic perception that makes his music an exception to the rule. His genre is not rock, hard rock, or heavy metal – its A Part of his Soul. Karais James fuel is verve and vivaciousness.  Stream this Rock Spotlight and take in an eclectic and well rounded artist, incorporating a multitude of elements into his memorable music.

Rhythm & Blues
Richmond, Virginia:  Kevin Jaxon started as most R&B artists do, in the church, as a youth choir member. He sang for years and years before taking interest in playing drums.  He later became a drummer for his family’s gospel music group, “The Harvey Family Singers”. Immersed in music since he was very young, the sounds Kevin creates are simply an extension of his soul.  Stream this Rhythm, & Blues Spotlight and enjoy the seasoned sounds of a master musician.

Austrailia:  Tarscha is a musically explosive, dynamic, power house that is highly revered not only for her high energy performances that leave her audiences spellbound, but also for her ability to express honest emotion through her own original compositions.  Sit back, buckle up and stream this Country Spotlight and invoke an exciting rollerc coaster ride of country rock with Tarscha.

Oxford, England:  Marcus Flynn is a session player that has recorded for the BBC, MTV Films, The Doscovery Channel, Jackass The Movie, and more!  Check out his videos on You Tube.  Flynn’s fantastic melodies intertwine with the atmosphere to create pleasing and memorable soundscapes.  Stream This Instrumental Spotlight to check out a few of our favorites by this dynamic guitarist and instrumentalist.

Detroit, Michigan:  Robert Slap is a composer, multi-Instrumentalist, engineer and producer, His music spans a wide spectrum of styles that include blues, rock, new age, soundtrack, and jazz. He has over twenty album credits, and has been recording as a solo artist and composing music for film, TV, documentaries and video for the last 20 years. Stream this Blues Spotlight and check out a few tracks from this mid-west powerhouse.

Hollywood, California:  Sadly, Kent Welton passed away in 2016.  However, his music lives on.  A prolific songwriter, his body of music encompasses all aspects of jazz.  Stream this Jazz Spotlight and be mesmerized by the magic that is Kent Welton.

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