Ear Candy Vol 29 – Musical Munchies!

Photo by Joe Kleon

Photo by Joe Kleon

Here is your weekly digital mixtape of recommended SongCast artists that we think you should check out.  Share this blog and give the gift of music to your friends and family.

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Here is your weekly ear candy:

Hip Hop:
Nigeria:  Base 10 are making waves with their danceable brand of Hip Hop.  Sonically superior, the beats swirl around your body, cutting you off from the outside world and demanding attention.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and check a few tunes from the release African Mentality.

London, England:  Eve Of Poison crossed many boundaries in the realm of rock.  Heavy and melodic, al;ways evolving and venturing in new directions, this band will appeal to many types of rock fans.  Stream this Rock Spotlight and enjoy sonic snacks from the release Ascention.

Heavy Metal:
Austrailia:  Chase The Ace are a perfect example of a slammin’ underground metal band.  Decending like a tornado with sneering verses, driving rhythms, and gang vocals, this band will rattle your rib cage and annoy your neighbors!  Stream this Heavy Metal Spotlight, crank the volume, and break off the knob!

Phoenix, Arizona:  Andrew Kaeppel provides a swirling soundscape of tribal percussion, with ghostly rhythms and layered, atmospheric vocals.  Andrew is in a world all his own, making his music perfect for our Alternative Spotlight.

Raleigh, North Carolina:  Perry Fain has been playing guitar since the age of 6, when his parents gave him his first guitar–a Fender Mustang– for Christmas. A self-taught musician, Perry regards his ability to play the guitar as God-given, a gift that blossomed in his youth and has so far taken him to venues in Europe as well as in the U.S.  Stream this Jazz Spotlight and enjoy the amazing talent of this incredible indie artist.

Easy Listening:
Australia:  Glenn Brace is a phenomenal fingerpicker, a singer/songwriter that will soothe your soul with his easy listening approach to acoustic music.  Stream this Easy Listening Spotlight and enjoy a few choice tracks from the release The Gathering.

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