Ear Candy Vol 32 – Flavorful Favorites – Incredible Indie Music!

Photo by Joe Kleon

Photo by Joe Kleon

Here is your weekly digital mixtape of recommended SongCast artists that we think you should check out.  Share this blog and give the gift of music to your friends and family.

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Here is your weekly ear candy:

Nashville, Tennessee:  Madison X combines a groovin’ backline with sneering, slamming lyrics, conjuring up vibes that scream “alternative.”  Stream this Alternative Spotlight and rattle your ribcage with a few tracks from The Red. 

Hip Hop:
Calgary, Alberta, Canada:  The Shidiots are not for the faint of heart.  Explicit and exquisite, callous and comedic, parental guidance is recommended.  These two song titles say everything about this artist, “Die Happy” and “The Liquor Store!”  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight, turn it up, stop whining, forget about being offended, have fun, and sing along.

Rhythm & Blues:
London, England:  Rao reaches out with warm, intriguing harmonies and a sonic personality you immediately want to get to know.  Stream this Rhythm & Blues Spotlight and become one with the vocal prowess of the singer, songwriter, and dancer known as Rao.

Heavy Metal:
Sweden:  Live Elephant is a musical monster.  Sonically searing, intense and intricate, this band is one of many great artists from GMR Records, proudly distributed by SongCast.  Stream this Heavy Metal Spotlight and get crushed by a trio of tunes from the release Speak The Truth Or Die Alone. 

Miami Beach, Florida:  Nathalie Janette experiments with unique vocal and piano arrangements, emotional, dynamic, vocals, great harmonies, hooks that stay with you.  Stream this Pop Spotlight and enjoy raw, pure, indie goodness!!

Burlington, Ontario, Canada:  The Catherine M Thompson Song Project has a modern feel that retains classic elegant elements and remains refined.  Stream this Jazz Spotlight and enjoy an incredible duo of jazzy masterpieces.

Uganda:  Flavourland is uplifting and spiritual, indie music made for the love of the message and the melody.  Stream this Christian/Gospel Spotlight and enjoy a few songs from the release Fire.

Easy Listening:
Tarzana, California:  Boghrat Sadeghan creates sonic solitude.  Classical guitar has never sounded so good.   Stream this Easy Listening Spotlight and be swept away by the subtle serenity of a release called Memorable Songs Anthology, Vol. 4

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