Ear Candy Vol 33 – Superb Sonic Snacks!

Photo by Joe Kleon

Photo by Joe Kleon

Here is your weekly digital mixtape of recommended SongCast artists that we think you should check out.
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Here is your weekly ear candy:

Hip Hop:
Oakland, California:  Cashoutt Domo stand out in the city of Oakland, among scores of rappers.  Rapid fire lead vocals with intricate backing vocals and swirling, percussive beats with progressive keyboard smatterings, make this artist an original, something very hard to achieve in the saturated world of hip hop.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and crank a few tracks from the release Drugs Money Romance.

Salford, England:  Beetrootjam is groovin’ country, with touches of blues and rockabilly, Beetrootjam will get your body moving and excite your senses.  Stream this Country Spotlight and enjoy some classic English country from the release Strawberry!

Maxton, North Carolina:  Realbk‘s melodies swirl around the atmosphere and add warmth and solitude to the listener’s surroundings.  Stream this Instrumental Spotlight and enjoy a brief escape from the hard hitting world.

Heavy Metal:
Stockholm Sweden:  Tad Morose has been around, in various incarnations, since the early 1990s.  Their 2018 release Chapter X is their best to date.  From the masters of Swedish metal, The GMR Music Group, this release is a must for all types of metal fans!  Stream this Heavy Metal Spotlight for three tracks from Tad Morose.

Boston, MassachusettsChrista Gniadek is a true Singer/Songwriter, singing about issues and experiences close to her heart and leaving her distinctive fingerprint interwoven into both herlyrics and musical arrangements.  Stream this Singer/Songwriter Spotlight to hear Christa talk about her music and enjoy tunes from several of her incredible releases.

Los Angeles, California:  The Blue Dolphins are a Los Angeles based songwriting duo characterized by beautiful melodies, tight harmonies and an uplifting positive mood that embraces Folk, Pop and Rootsy Rock with a unique timeless quality.  Stream this Alternative Spotlight for a trio of tracks from the release Come On LA.

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