Ear Candy Vol 44 – A Yearly Recap!



This is a recap of some indie artists that we featured during the year, in our Ear Candy blog.

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Here is your weekly ear candy:

Hip Hop:
From Chicago, Illinois:  Ralph Tamosko is a great example of an indie artist who is doing all the right things to elevate his music and status.  Check him out all over social media, hit some tracks on you tube, including some great behind the scenes videos, and stream this Hip Hop Spotlight, containing tracks from the release I Am Legend.

Hip Hop:
From Memphis, Tennessee:  Inhale some beats from SMOKE.  A prolific songwriter, Smoke has over 400 tracks available online!  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and check out three tracks from the release CameAlongWay.  Indie hip hop at it’s finest!

Hip Hop:
From Victoria, Australia:  Antwon has a smooth but dominating touch, churning out memorable rhymes and danceable rhythms.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and check out two tunes from the new release Invasion Day. 

Hip Hop:
From Boston, Massachusetts:  The smooth, sultry voice of Ashanti Munir has won over the European scene and is quickly spreading around the US.  Ashanti is the proud owner of two top 10 UK Soul CDs.  She has walked away a winner at “Amateur Night at the Apollo” in Harlem, NYC.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and treat yourself to one of the best in the genre. 

Hip Hop:
Virginia Beach:  SwagMoneyMovement is an indie artist on the rise.  Spilling out lighting fast rhymes over top of well produced grooves, this hard working indie artist just gets better and better.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and get on the latest track from this indie artist on the move.

Kingston, Jamaica:  Check out a few tracks from reggae legend and SongCast artist JOHNNY CLARKE!  Releasing over 25 studio albums during the course of his storied career, Johnny Clarke is one of the finest reggae artists that has ever lived.  Stream this Reggae Spotlight, featuring a few dubs guaranteed to fuel your reggae fire!

Durant, Mississippi:  Jimi Jameson is a legend.  The vocalist and frontman for Survivor, the writer and performer of the theme from Baywatch, and a prolific and acclaimed songwriter, Jamison will always be remembered for his warm, soulful vocals.  Stream this Rock Spotlight and immerse yourself in the world of a rock icon.

From Quebec, Canada:  Sinuupa are the soundtrack to the dancing northern lights!  Winner of the Best Rock CD award at the Aboriginal Peoples’ Choice Music Awards, this band will satisfy your craving for tasty, straight forward, rock!!  Stream this Rock Spotlight and enjoy a few tracks from Sinuupa’s release Arctic Darkness.

From New York, New York:  Voodoo X is one of the many projects of Jean Beauvoir.  Spanning decades of major label success, millions of records sold, Jean continues his musical madness on the indie scene.  Stream this Rock Spotlight and check out a few tracks from the incredible release Volume 1 The Awakening. 

Heavy Metal:
Aalborg, Denmark:  Hailing from Denmark’s fourth largest city, Mads Jensen is an instrumental powerhouse!  Driving, galloping, gushing waves of heaviness are always mountainous, always complex, and enough to keep you guessing and wanting more.  This band demands attention.  Stream this Heavy Metal Spotlight and rattle some paintings off the wall with tracks from the release Hourglass.

Heavy Metal:
Austrailia:  Chase The Ace are a perfect example of a slammin’ underground metal band.  Decending like a tornado with sneering verses, driving rhythms, and gang vocals, this band will rattle your rib cage and annoy your neighbors!  Stream this Heavy Metal Spotlight, crank the volume, and break off the knob!

Heavy Metal:
Inza, Russia:  Wandersword are straight forward, blistering metal.  No frills, no nonsense, just expert musicianship and slashing sonic scapes that will excite metal fans of all types.  Stream this Heavy metal Spotlight and blast some tracks from the release Waiting For War.

From Ontario, Canada:  SONNY DEL-RIO has been cranking out blues and rock and roll for half a century!  Stream this Blues Spotlight and check out two diverse tunes from this master of the blues.  You can also look up many videos of Sonny on You Tube and check out his official website.

From Detroit, Michigan: The Bugs Beddow Band plays more than 100 shows a year and have won the Detroit Music Awards for Best R&B Band 5 times.  Beddow has shared the stage with Boz Scaggs, Eddie Money, Robert Cray, Spyro Gyra, Blood, Sweat, & Tears, and many more.  Stream this Blues Spotlight and enjoy a few tracks from the release 3D Blues.

From New Jersey:  Emily Bendock has a fresh, upbeat, and addictive approach to music.  Her lyrics lyrics express all the pressures adolescents might experience at school, within sports and with
friendships. Stream this Pop Spotlight and enjoy the song “Summer Love,” an  EDM song with a hint of pop to it.  This amazing track has a catchy hook that keeps you guessing until the end.

Los Angeles, California:  The Blue Dolphins are a unique songwriting duo composed of singer/songwriter Victoria C. Scott and two time Grammy Award winning producer/engineer Alfonso G. Rodenas.  Their music is characterized by beautiful melodies, tight harmonies and an uplifting positive mood that embraces Folk, Pop and Rootsy Rock with a unique timeless quality.  Stream this Alternative Spotlight and enjoy this one-of-a-kind collaboration and the unique, multi-genre music they create.

Phoenix, Arizona:  Andrew Kaeppel provides a swirling soundscape of tribal percussion, with ghostly rhythms and layered, atmospheric vocals.  Andrew is in a world all his own, making his music perfect for our Alternative Spotlight.

Rhythm & Blues:
Washington DC:  Woof Gang is the one man band of Lawrence Wise.  Wise mas morphed this project all over the place, since it’s inception in 1981.  One thing, however, has not changed.  The innovative and creative flow that keeps this project original, non-repetitive, and always branching off in new directions, is as strong as ever.  Stream this Rhythm & Blues Spotlight and enjoy some psychedelic, funky, rhythmic blues that only Woof Gang can create.

Louisville, Kentucky:  St. John’s Wort has a new therapeutic use!  This groovin’ old school sounding dance outfit will rattle your rib cage to the rhythms of funky, retro, rock.  Stream this Dance Spotlight and your whole body will be movin’ before you know it!

Oxford, England:  Marcus Flynn is a session player that has recorded for the BBC, MTV Films, The Doscovery Channel, Jackass The Movie, and more!  Check out his videos on You Tube.  Flynn’s fantastic melodies intertwine with the atmosphere to create pleasing and memorable soundscapes.  Stream This Instrumental Spotlight to check out a few of our favorites by this dynamic guitarist and instrumentalist.

Corona, California:  Best known as Guitar Guy from The Jeff Dunham Show, Brian Haner has toured the world with his warped brand of musical comedy.  The family genes are packed with melodic DNA, as Brian’s Son is Synyster Gates from the metal monsters Avenged Sevenfold.  Stream this Comedy Spotlight and familiarize yourself with a legendary comedy classic, “Fistfight In The Wafflehouse.”  The video for this song on You Tube is a must see!

From Rio De Janeiro:  Alfredo Dias Gomes is an epic drummer, who surrounds himself with stellar talent.  A perfect example of the amazing artists we feature from all areas of the world.  Stream this Jazz Spotlight and enjoy a few tracks from the release Corona Borealis.

From Germany:  SonicTan is modern jazz, with exquisite guitar work and tasty, dynamic arrangements.   Stream this Jazz Spotlight and check out a few tunes from the release Fonk Me Up!

From New Philadelphia, Ohio:  Paul F. Antonelli Jr.   Paul’s career spans 15 years, 6 six albums, a Toronto Jazz festival award and a Carnegie Hall performance.  Stream this Jazz Spotlight and enjoy some exquisite jazz from the release Red Black And Gray.

From Columbus, OhioThe duo of Honey Compass entertains with catchy, well done, well written classic country!!  Keep in touch with their world on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their official website!  Stream this Country Spotlight and crank up some delectable country from the release Navigate!

Florida:  Simple Southern Boys began in Central Florida in 2004. They describe their blend of country and southern rock as “Swamp Rock.”  Jump into the swamp, splash around, and “Party In The Country” as you Stream this Country Spotlight!

From Toronto, Canada:  SongCast offers all kids of music, including indie music for the kids!  Funtime Friendz With Missy Sue will have the kids dancing and singing along to the happy and fun renditions of classic children’s favorites.  Stream the Children’s Spotlight and your kids will thank you!!!


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