Ear Candy Vol 48 – Magical, Musical Motifs!



Here is your weekly digital mixtape of recommended SongCast artists that we think you should check out.
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Here is your weekly ear candy:

Hip Hop:
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  Ftmgboys is a management company short for Fast track management group L.L.C we currently have three hip hop artist signed to us and 2 female vocalist that were working closely with. The three hip hop artist are Rico, Jut and phille. Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and check out what this talented group of indie artists have to offer.

Norway:  The Mighty Thunderpants provide pure, dirty, rock and roll.  Firing grungy, sonic bullets, these tunes are packed with power chords and destined to be played loud!  Stream this Rock Spotlight and enjoy the no-frills, fun, frenzy that is The Mighty Thunderpants.

London, England:  Emil Schyren will take you to musical places you didn’t know existed.  So original, this music almost needs it’s own genre.  Stream this Alternative Spotlight and travel to uncharted territories and discover the true meaning of Alternative music.

Atlanta, Georgia:  If you like fresh new styles of Pop & R&B mixed with a futuristic sound then you will definitely take a liking to Mavyn.  Singable anthems, tasty arrangements and heavenly harmonies elevate Mavyn high above others in the genre.  Stream this Pop Spotlight and step into the world of Mavyn.

Augusta, Georgia:  You are being introduced to the vocal stylings of Alanna. Connecting the sounds of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul, Alanna has managed to develop a style with a crisp, underground edge. Stream this R&B Spotlight and prepared to become drawn to a few tracks fro her release Lullaby.

Newcastle, Australia:  Alan Newbery cut his teeth playing guitar and singing with Bush band Empty Pockets and Blues band Bluestone.  Since then he has stepped out on his own.  The arrangements are solid and full..the lyrics are creative and entertaining.  Stream this Blues Spotlight and chomp on a few tunes from the release Blueberry.

Hollywood, California:  Fitz Houston is a very accomplished actor, appearing in scores of TV shows, including Seinfeld and The X-Files.  Since 1971, Fitz has written over 100 songs and 150 poems. His lyrical pieces include numerous ballads expressing various aspects of love, life and relationships as does his poetry.  Stream this Jazz Spotlight and immerse yourself in the musical world of Fitz Houston.

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