Ear Candy Vol 51 – Satisfying Sounds!



Here is your weekly digital mixtape of recommended SongCast artists that we think you should check out.
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Here is your weekly ear candy:


Hip Hop:
Lancaster, Texas:  Hip Hop Dance Workout provides not only danceable tracks to help you get movin and exercise, the instrumentals are also great for frestylin’.  Crank up this Hop Hop Spotlight and see if your rhymes pass the test of time.

Australia:  The Away Game churns out very well produced, catchy, intense, modern rock.  Heavy, emotional, swirling rhythms take you by storm and keep you reeled in.  Stream this Rock Spotlight and crack up the melodic heaviness that is The Away Game.

Drogheda, Ireland:  Jamie Cunningham is innovative, on the cutting edge of pop music.  Hard to categorize into any one genre, vocals shower the listener with a passion and perfection rarely heard in the world of indie music.  Stream this Pop Spotlight and elevate your spirit with some amazing indie pop.

Adelaide, Austrailia:  Kylic Kain is a wordsmith and story teller, Kylie Kain resonates with the nameless and the seamless. She memorizes and deeply calms a room like the sky itself has stood both feet on the floor. Stream this Alternative Spotlight and enjoy the vibe present on the release Things That Float.

London, England:  Adele Holness soars around upbeat danceable soundscapes to provide an exhilarating and entertaining experience.  Stream this R&B Spotlight and enjoy music that crosses over from R&B into several other genres, making music that is both original and ever changing.

Birmingham, England:  The Grey Goose Blues Band are dynamic, lyrical, and authentic in their blues sound and original in their take on this genre. They provide a refreshing take on the blues and their catchy tunes will keep you coming back for more!  Stream this Blues Spotlight and enjoy a few songs from the release Beat The Devil Out Of Me.

France:  Cut Express & The Department of Jazztice contains different music styles such as electro-jazz mixed with instrumental-Rock, Fusion and ambient Chillout backround.  Stream this Jazz Spotlight and enjoy cutting edge, unique jazz that is very well done from the release Rain In Paris.



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