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Here is your weekly digital mixtape of recommended SongCast artists that we think you should check out.
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Here is your weekly ear candy:

For the first time, we will focus just on one genre.
We have interviewed a bunch of hip hop artists and want to share those interviews with you here at Ear Candy.  Enjoy!!!

Hip Hop:
Jacksonville, Florida:  YoungY904 grew up in Queens, now hangin’ in Jacksonville.  Youngy904 describes his music as being about what goes on in the world today.  Step up and stream this Hip Hop Spotlight.  Check into the world of YoungY904.

Hip Hop:
Kirkland, Washington:  Brycey J has been writing and recording music for over a decade.  His last project dealt with bullying and homophobia in the world.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and allow Brycey J to tell you about his music and his vision.

Hip Hop:
Houston, Texas:  De’Ray didn’t choose music.  Music chose De’Ray.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and listen to De’Ray talk about his release The Elixor and allow his music to quench your musical thurst.

Hip Hop:
Atlanta, Georgia:  Azariah Delrose‘s raw, powerful freestyles kick you in the teeth.  Her music is in the moment and seething with emotion.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and let the rhymes swirl around you and take over your senses, while the perfectly produced beats compliment the in-depth look into the aura of Azariah.

Hip Hop:
Mobile, Alabama:  There are many ways to describe D’Battles, but unique, talented, and charismatic just seem to scratch the surface. However, there is one word that ties everything all together and is very true to his character: D’Battles is REAL. Few people create music so honestly from their heart and soul.  Stream this Hip Hop Spotlight and immerse yourself in some real conversation and music that bears the heart and soul of the artist.

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