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New York:  Hit the play button on this Electronic Spotlight and immerse yourself into the world of DJ Tony Harder.  This innovative artist provides captivating, upbeat electronica that is ever changing, beats that are body encompassing, sonic sculptures of epic proportions.  Enjoy these three tracks from the release Techno Relapse.

Queensland, Australia:  Check out a few tracks from NOXIS and the release Look Over There.  Etheral, but upbeat, Noxis combines fascinating composition with tasty production to create unique and memorable material.

From Glendale, Arizona:   David E Farmer provides a very unique electronic landscape, shaping old school rhythms and bass guitar riffs, with jazzy keyboards and ever changing arrangements.  Meandering from funk, into jazz, with a accent of new age, immerse yourself in this Electronic Spotlight and experience a trio of tracks from the release Digital Doxology.

Adelaide, Australia:  Triple T will get your blood flowing with a unique array of electronic nuggets you will want to feast on again and again.  Dynamic, danceable, and delightful, stream this Electronic Spotlight for a whole new take on the genre.

Ontario, Canada:  The Daydreamerz provide a sonic smorgasbord, delectable, sometimes danceable, sometimes dissonant.  Stream this Electronic Spotliught and enjoy a band that breaks boundaries and crosses genres.

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