SongCast Podcast – Episode Two – February 2, 2024

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Episode Two of our brand new SongCast Podcast is live!
Stream it on YouTube, SoundCloud, or listen to the music on Spotify.

On the first Friday of every month, we deliver a podcast jam-packed with amazing indie music of all types, from our huge SongCast family of artists.  We will include interviews, testimonials, and videos.

We start off this podcast with a trip to St. Paul, Minnesota for some dynamic and emotional indie pop from Kaysie and the catchy and stunning song “Pieces.”  Kamalino Kilo Bravo offers a combination of rock and pop from Arizona, Izzy Starchild churns out what he calls “cosmic mother punk funk,” and Dreamamine produces experimental/progressive rock and Odium will wow you with intricate electronic music.  We unleash a huge dose of indie hip with from places like Lake Charles, Indiana with JoDuce, catchy verses with K-Mex, hard and heavy hip hop from Dallas’ Kala X, and SkillzOnThe Beat.  We then get funky with the amazing voice of Dwayne Winstead and crank up some alternative rock with a supernatural twist from the United Kingdom with The Coven.  As we get near the end of this podcast we enjoy a mix of power chords with hip hop by Kid Hustle, a guy who was cast  on the soap opera “The Young And The Restless” before closing with a track from Florida’s Kerry Lewis and her soaring voice, floating over a perfect groove.

SongCast offers World-Class distribution to the world’s best digital platforms.  You keep 100% of the royalties you earn.  We also offer streaming radio that is free-to-stream and commercial-free.  SongCast is True Music Discovery.

Click the album covers to purchase and stream music from the artists featured on this week’s podcast.  


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