SongCast Podcast – Episode Three – March 1, 2024

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Episode Three of our brand new SongCast Podcast is live!
Stream it on YouTube, SoundCloud, or listen to the music on Spotify.

On the first Friday of every month, we deliver a podcast jam-packed with amazing indie music of all types, from our huge SongCast family of artists.  We will include interviews, testimonials, and videos.

We start off this podcast with hard hitting southern bounce from Atlanta and Wawmart.  Foreign Lauren shoves her heavy street beats in your face, with a track called “Ball For Me.”  The video version of our podcast features a lit production video for this track.  Charleston South Carolina is the place you will find Curone Bei spittin out hard and heavy rhymes like “power moves.”  Izzy Starchild and The Psychedelic Rose “Send My Credentials”

Des Moines Iowa is the place for poetic, grungy guitar hooks and a wicked blend of what is called Cosmic Mother Punk Funk.  Immerse yourself in the world of Izzy Starchild.  Shane McKay serves up bright, energetic, indie instrumental rock from Melbourne Australia with “Slow Burn.”  Check some indie rock from the United Kingdom.  Hot the link to stream “America” from Flying Angel.  We travel to Hawaii and hang out with Soul Redemption, who combines R&B and Reggae into a smooth groove that will fill you with solace. Ger Long serves up indie country from Ireland.  We weren’t sure what genre to put this track, but country seemed to work.  Add some rock, a lot of humor, some slick slide guitar, and you end up with Backwoods Willie by Tony Deanes.  Travel with us to Austin Texas for some “Mellow Funk,” and enjoy exceptional, ethereal, alternative indie grooves from Jason Toll.

How about 2 singer songwriters from Australia?  Husband and wife duo Paul & Corrie are known as Head + Heart and share a lifelong passion for music, and their individual musical backgrounds combine in perfect synergy.  Get your body moving with indie dance from Uganda.  Our podcast ends in Uganda with the soulful sounds of Eloo Katalina and “Deep In Love.”
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