An Indie Artist’s Guide to Gigs

From finding a gig to canceling one, find out all you need to know about gigs.  Keep checking the SongCast Indie Artist Insider Blog for even more tips and tricks to help you succeed in the music business.

DIY-Book Your Own Gigs

“Who needs a manager/promoter? We can conquer the music business by ourselves!”  See how to book your own gig.

How to Prepare for Your First Gig

Find out everything you need to know in this Indie Artist Insider Video.

Get Your Gig Listed Online

Gone are the days of poorly printed, multicolored flyers promoting your band’s upcoming show.  Here’s how to get your gig listed online…

Should You Ever Turn Down a Gig?

There are three times when turning down a gig might make sense…

How to Cancel A Music Gig

There are ways to cancel a gig without hurting your reputation.  Find out how…


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