How to Create and Share Playlists on Spotify


spotify_for_musiciansHave you been using Spotify? If not, it’s worth checking out. It’s a music player that allows you to stream tracks on any device (PC, Mac or mobile) for free. Millions of tracks are available to you, without having to download them to your hard drive. And, it’s social- you can integrate Spotify into your Facebook account to see and hear what your friends are listening to – including their playlists. (If you’re not into sharing on Facebook, this feature can be disabled).

One of the coolest features about Spotify – especially if you find yourself listening to the same music over and over – is the playlist function. A playlist is a collection of tracks grouped together and saved for easy access. A single playlist can store up to 10,000 tracks!

Creating a Spotify playlist is very easy:

  • First, create an account
  • Then, click on ‘New playlist’ in the left column and give your playlist a name
  • Drag and drop the tracks you want included
  • Alternatively, you can right-click a track or album and select ‘Save to’ and then ‘New playlist.’

Care to share? Here’s how you share your playlist with friends:

  • Click on the playlist and drag it to your friend’s username
  • It will then appear in their inbox
  • You can even add a message if you like

Alternatively (but just as easily) you can click on the Share buttons and post playlists to Facebook, Twitter or Messenger.

If you want to create a playlist with friends – and allow everyone to add or remove tracks – you can do that too. To create a collaborative playlist:

  • Right-click your playlist and select ‘Collaborative playlist.’
  • A green icon and text will appear– and the playlist will sync automatically between the users managing it.
  • Note: everyone that you share the playlist with will be able to edit it.
  • If you’ve created a playlist but decide you want it all to yourself, you can turn off the ‘Collaborative playlists’ option at any time.

If you want to create a playlist of songs to get you pumped up for the gym or songs for a romantic evening at home, you can do so – and share it – with Spotify playlists.

Tell us what you think: What playlists will you make?

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