How to Write a Great Band Bio

Selling Music Online Means Selling Listeners Your Story

“To sell my music online,” you think, “I need an awesome band bio.”

Oh how right you are!

So maybe your drummer found his beat when he overcame a heroin addiction after crashing his neighbor’s z4 convertible into a deserted jungle gym. Or maybe your lead singer was heir to the Saudi throne but gave up his birthright to campaign for human rights via catchy hooks and utopian lyrics.

Or, maybe, you’re a group of talented musicians born into caring families and good school districts, who doesn’t necessarily have an exceptionally inspiring backstory, but still has undeniable appeal and distinctive songs. Sound a little more like your story? Don’t worry – you can still have a killer band bio.

musicians_bioYour troupe doesn’t need frills and flourishes to show potential fans how hard you rock. You can write a great band bio to accompany your iTunes account, press kit, website, social media sites, etc. without embellishing your accomplishments or feigning tumultuous teenage years. Selling music online means peddling more than just your soon-to-be-hit single – it’s selling your story, your band, and what you stand for.

Follow these three steps to write the perfect band bio, no matter what your story:

  1. Be engaging – you know you and your bandmates are the funniest crew since the Monkeys. Show it off! Don’t be afraid to make a joke, reference a current celebrity you love or hate, or describe your favorite moment on stage. Keep it short, and try to charm an average fan.
  2. Be real – everyone thinks they’re the next Beatles, deadmau5, Ray Charles, or KISS. But you’re you, and you’re awesome, so stop with the grandiose comparisons. Show elements of your personality, but don’t claim to be “the next MJ.”
  3. Be you – above all else, reflect your music in your writing. If you’re a beat boxer, establish a clear, calculated cadence to your words. Your fans will be impressed, and you’ll give readers a taste of what’s to come. If you’re a country singer with sass and twang like Dolly Parton, reference your hometown pride or throw some y’alls around. If you’re true to yourself and your genre from the get-go, your fans will find you – and stick around.

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  • Charles 24 / 04 / 2018 Reply

    This article catches an attention from the first look at the Header! Thank you for such a simple and at the same time useful and important package of pieces of advice. A lot of people will agree that writing a band bio is a very important part of a band’s way. Each fan, each listener is potentially interested in a story of his idols. In addition, some stories from people’s lives could be so interesting and could be motivating that they will grab an attention of thousands of other people. And a good and fair bio could help with that.

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