Music Distribution for these Guys is Easy – Boybands’ Universal Appeal

music_marketing_venueBoybands don’t have to worry about music distribution – it’s in the bag. Fangirls* will mercilessly claw their way to their favorite boyband’s music without consideration of cost, proximity, personal safety, etc.

We all remember ’N Sync, right? Well did you know that the members of ’N Sync had to be delivered to their concerts in BOXES? To protect them from being seen by their fangirls, who would become so raucous that they could not be contained by security, and ’N Sync’s safety would be jeopardized.

You see, unbridled, obsessive, manic love for boybands knows no boundaries. What is it about the boyband package – their carefully managed, manicured, autotuned appearance – that is so universally appealing? Why do they get an automatic fan base, while everyone else sweats the music distribution process?

We’ve broken down this age-old perplexity to a science. Popular boybands fit the following cookie cutter formula:

  • They’re pieced together by record labels, not organically formed. (Simon Cowell put One Direction together on X-Factor.)
  • Boybands consist of five members. There must be five members. Four doesn’t provide enough diversity to cover the entire audience, and 6 is too many names to remember.
  • Each member of the boyband needs to have a particular trait, i.e., the “bad boy,” the “sweetheart,” “the one with the hat.” Fangirls (and fanboys) get to pick from the five the individual boyband member who’s perfect for them, and their friends do the same. And then fans defend, protect, love and relate to THEIR boy more than the others, and even if he’s not the best singer. “Steve is the best! He looks so amazing in a hat!”
  • Reciprocal love: have you ever listened to the words in any song by any boyband? They sing syrupy sweet songs about love, how you’re the one, their broken hearts, and treating you right. The fantasy and escapism is intoxicating, and almost always, irresistible.

It’s probably not worth it to hate the boyband – their catchy tunes and trendy haircuts aren’t going anywhere. Instead, compete with their success by using SongCast to distribute your music. We’ll launch your tunes across all major music platforms, like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Play, and many more!

*Fangirls: frenzied female devotees to particular bands, actors, or fictional characters.



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  • Matt Early 15 / 01 / 2013 Reply

    I used to really like N’Sync as a boyband, and 5ive…

    I think it would be a good contest to put two boybands head to head to see who gets to 100k sales first… It really wouldn’t take that long.

    Matt x

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