Tips for Managing Your Bands Online Reputation

We don’t have to tell you that your “rep” is all-important when it comes to building fans, driving sales, and overall generally succeeding in the music business. But, how do you maintain your image? We’ve got some great suggestions for you!

Five Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Online Reputation

1. Monitor for mentions of your act.

There are plenty of options for free social media monitoring, and you will need them to get ahead in the music business. As you gain popularity, it gives you an instant glimpse into what people are saying about you – both good and bad. After all, the first step towards managing your reputation is knowing where you stand with people.

2. Have an established online identity.

The extent to which an artist must “change” to create a public persona is debatable, but what’s nearly indisputable is that any popular act does end up having a public persona. If you decide early on how you want to present yourself to the public, such as which aspects of your personality to play up, it gives you a chance to define yourself before others can.Music_Business

3. Stay active in social media.

You can’t manage the reputation of your music business unless you’re participating. One of the simplest ways to stay in control of your online image is to ensure you’re online as much as possible, establishing your identity.

4. Politely address legitimate concerns.

Honestly, 90% of public relations and reputation management boils down to knowing when and how to tell a fan, “You’re right, and here’s how I’m going to fix things.” Being open and responsive to people’s complaints will boost your rep quickly.

5. Never argue with fans.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Never ever get into arguments with fans or detractors online. It just never ends well, and usually turns into a PR nightmare. Just follow the old rule: If you don’t have something nice (or at least constructive) to say, don’t say it at all.

You’ll have hecklers, just like any act throughout entertainment history; so don’t let them get under your skin.

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