Improving Your Band’s Bio

While we probably all sometimes wish it weren’t true, a musician’s success usually isn’t measured solely by their music. Their reputation and image come into play as well.  People want to listen to bands whose members have interesting stories to tell.

So, sometimes the key to success is in how you present yourself.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to promote your music, we’ve got a few ideas on how you can make your biography more appealing!


How To Promote Your Music: Making Your Background Appealing

1 – Find a gimmick.

Did you have a Superhero Origin-style story about the day you realized your future lay in music? Does someone in your band have a tragic past? Have you had to overcome particularly unusual circumstances in achieving success?

Look for something in your band’s background that’s unique, and play it up.

2 – Have something to say.

Promotionally speaking, nothing makes me facepalm harder than a band saying they “just want to make fun music so people can have a good time.” Come on, have a better raison d’etre than that.

An overarching philosophy or worldview can do a lot to put your band’s bio in perspective and make it more relate-able to listeners.

3 – Do stuff!

If your resume looks unimpressive, you pad it with more experience. The same goes for your band’s bio. As you grow and find new things to do, you’ll have more interesting material to put in it. Look for opportunities to engage in new experiences and interesting ideas, so they can become part of your band’s mythology.

4 – Lie like a dog.

Hey, we’re realists here. Plenty of artists have gotten away with inventing stories altogether when their actual background is unimpressive.

Whether it’s rapper Rick Ross pretending he was a drug lord (rather than a prison guard), or the great violinist Niccolo Paganini doing nothing whatsoever to discourage rumors he’d signed a pact with Satan… sometimes the best bio is the one you write for yourself.

And, as always, for more tips on how to promote your music, just follow this blog!


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