Three Ways Exercising Can help Musicians

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Many musicians think that they get all the exercise they need onstage, but it’s really not the case. A live performance can be physically grueling, but it’s still no replacement for actual exercise. After all, when’s the last time you saw a skinny heavy-metal drummer?

So, try adding some exercise time to your musical training regimen. It pays off in the music business!

1 – Sex appeal.

We’d like to say that the only thing that matters in the music business is your talent. Unfortunately, it just ain’t so… especially after hours under the stage lights. Well-toned sweaty bodies are almost always sexier than chubby sweaty bodies.

If you want your posters hanging on the kids’ walls, it’s time to hit the gym and start looking for a skilled promo photographer. Looking good will help you move a lot more merchandise, and that’s pure profit.

music_business2 – Better lung capacity.

The most universal benefit of exercise for musicians is improving your lungs and breath control. If you’re singing or playing any wind instrument, the benefits here are obvious – more air and better oxygenation reduce the need for breaths.

Have you ever wanted to hold one of those insane four-bar high notes following a modulation? It’s mostly about how good your lungs are.

But, it’s important even for the strummers and drummers of the world. If you’re better-oxygenated onstage, you’ll be able to play longer, and more accurately, before fatigue sets in.

3 – Heart Health

Honestly, a star’s life in the music business is hard on the body. The constant stresses of being on the road and live performances can take a lot out of your heart over time.

Heart failure is actually one of the leading causes of death among musicians: Elvis, Jim Morrison, “Mama” Cass Elliot, Bill Haley, Muddy Waters, Jerry Garcia, Roy Orbison, Harry Nilsson, Robert Palmer… The list of great musicians whose hearts gave out is pretty depressing to consider.

Some might think dying onstage is the height of “rock,” but we don’t recommend it.  Keep your heart fit.


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