How to Draw Crowds to an Upcoming Performance

When a musician comes asking for new ideas on how to sell music, often our best advice is to sell tickets instead.

Even though the Internet offers a wide range of ways to sell your music online, music is and will always be a group activity that’s best experienced live. A single sold-out show can create more new fans than almost any amount of online outreach.


How To Sell Music: Packing Venues To The Rafters

1 – Make strategic touring decisions

Sure, early on, you may simply be playing any nearby venue is willing to pay you. However, once you start developing fans outside your immediate area, get smart about your touring decisions. Use social media tools like Hootsuite, online polls, or other interactive methods to figure out where your fans are.

Then you can look for gigs located as near as possible to likely concert-goers.

2 – Spread the word via social media

Social media gives you nearly unlimited power to generate buzz. Concerts and tours should be announced early, with plenty of reminders on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and other important sites.

Give fans a reason to participate. Look into ways to provide incentives, like discounts or free T-shirts, for people who spread the word on your behalf.

3 – Know thy promoter

Do your research. If you’re working with promoters to push your concerts in another town, are they reliable? Do they always pay the gig fees on time, as promised?

Good promoters go above and beyond, because ultimately, they succeed when their acts succeed. This is the main difference between an honest promoter and someone just looking for a quick buck. Know the difference, and you could find powerful allies in your promotional efforts.

4 – Pre-show appearances

Add more content. It works online, and it works in concerts. A pre-show appearance for your fans is a powerful draw. It’s even better if you have a stage persona and meet your fans “in character” before going out. (It’ll also help get you in the spirit!)

Need more advice? We’ve got plenty of ideas on how to sell music.



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