3 Tips to Succeed as a Solo Artist


There’s a lot of freedom in being a solo artist, but it’s possibly one of the hardest routes for an artist to take because it can be hard to stand out. All one has to do is scan through the “singer\songwriter” categories in online shops, and the never ending parade of people looking soulfully into camera while holding a guitar, to see the basic problem.

If you’re going to attract attention as a solo artist, you’ll need to make smart use of every musicians resource available to get yourself noticed.


Three Ways To Boost Your Solo Career

1 – Learn More Instruments

If there’s one piece of advice we’d give to any solo artist, it’s to never stop adding instruments and other tricks to your repertoire. The more variety you can add to your sets, the more chance of catching people’s attention when you play.

The Internet is full of musician resources to learn virtually any element of music or instrument. There’s a good chance you can easily work a smartphone or tablet into your act. This would be a perfect way to add percussion, since there are plenty of good drum apps.

2 – Have A Niche

Not to doubt the sincerity of their beliefs, but one reason many solo artists tend to have strongly stated social or political beliefs is that it gives them a niche. A singer who writes a lot of environmental material is going to be popular with the environmentalist crowd.

You don’t necessarily have to be political, but deliberately targeting yourself towards a specific group of people will help boost your popularity.

3 – Collaborations

Even if you don’t have a band, you can still jump on bandwagons. Having your name attached to others’ tracks with a “feat.” is nearly as good as having your own material out there.

Befriend other local artists in your area, and try to get in on recording sessions when you can. (Another good reason to know plenty of instruments!)

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