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musicians resourcesMost indie artists know that iOS is quickly becoming one of the best platforms for musicians resources and inexpensive production software. Today we wanted to highlight a great new app that fills a niche a lot of musicians may want.

Sopranotron offers musicians a cheap, easy and effective way to add background vocals to a track.

Musicians Resources App Of The Month: Sopranotron

Sopranotron, by Omenie Software, is a synthesizer that solely reproduces soprano and mezzo-soprano sounds, based on recordings of an actual opera singer. You get a full range of vowel sounds, with various enunciations, and a surprisingly good-sounding engine tying them together.

One very nice feature is the ability to blend two or three vocal styles at once, which can create a nice background choir effect. Mixing samples reduces a lot of the “sampled” sound.

To be clear, these will not replace a lead singer, but as background vocals the tracks created can sound rather realistic. Alternately, many of the samples have a fun ‘80s vibe to them. A few of the “ahhh” and “oooh” leads have the same ethereal quality as an ondes martenot.

It also comes with a rudimentary but functional pad mode, which allows you to  capture chords to pads and play back loops. This makes setting up chord progressions a breeze. Additionally, it supports multiple MIDI connections as well as Audiobus integration with your other iOS music apps.

Sopranotron would be perfect for techno, electro, EDM, and ‘80s retro styles, along with space or new age tracks, or just about anything you think would be improved with a few women ooohing in the background. And when it’s only around $8 in the App Store, it’s a no-brainer purchase if it holds any appeal at all.

Niche software like this on iOS is great for filling out your sound on a budget. Do you have any favorite apps for adding production or effects? Tell us below!

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  • Kevin 01 / 10 / 2014 Reply

    That’s great if you have an iPhone, but is the same App, or a similar App, available for the Android?

    • Mark 01 / 10 / 2014 Reply

      Hi Kevin,

      This app doesn’t appear to be available for Android yet. You might want to check out the Google Play store for a similar app!

      SongCast Blog Team

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