Keys to maintaining musical creativity

musical inspirationHow do you find new sources of musical inspiration?

It’s important for any indie musician to constantly challenge themselves and keep coming up with new ideas. The music industry is largely run on novelty, and few acts can get away with recycling the same material over and over for too long. You’ve got to keep your act fresh if you’re going to keep pulling in crowds, and that means looking for more musical inspiration.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, here are a few ideas that might get your creative juices flowing.

Keep Looking For New Musical Ideas!

1 – Attend more concerts.

Take a break from performing for a couple weeks or a month, and go see other people’s shows instead. It’ll give you a great opportunity to survey the field, and see what tricks other bands are starting to use.

2 – Listen to new genres.

In the age of the remix and the mashup, relatively few bands can stay active while only having one sound. You should always be expanding your musical horizons and looking for interesting new sounds or musical influences to spice up your work.

3 – Find a new look.

A band’s appearance obviously has a big impact on the music they play, and how the audience reacts to them. Try a change of wardrobe, or a new theme for your stage decorations, and see what sort of musical inspiration they bring you.

4 – What are your fans listening to?

You’re not going to be the only band your fans enjoy. Quiz your followers and see what other acts or genres they like. It’ll tell you a lot about your fans’ taste in music and give you tips on new musical directions that they’ll likely embrace.

The Key To Musical Inspiration Is An Open Mind

There’s no such thing as a perfect musical act. Any band can expand their sound and draw in new crowds, but only by being open-minded enough to embrace new musical ideas as they come along. Keep working to improve your sound, and audiences are sure to follow.

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