How Musicians Can Build A Following


Widespread music distribution doesn’t happen overnight! While there are steps you can take to speed the process, it takes time to build a real fan following.

An indie band today lives or dies by its fans. The world is saturated in music, available through more outlets than ever, and the only bands who will get noticed are those who can win the true support of their fans. Fan outreach will make or break a promising act.

Look for steady progress. That’s how you grow in the long run.

3 Slow-and-Steady Tips For Building Your Fan Base


1 – Who are your fans, anyway?

If you’re small enough, you might know them all by name. But once the club grows beyond a few dozen, start asking: Who are these people? What are their common interests besides me? What other bands do they like? If you understand who your fans are, you can reach out to them in ways they’ll personally appreciate.

2 – Go where your fans are.

You can talk all day about social media strategies and optimal targeting, but ultimately, the best outlets for contacting your fans are those they’re already using. Then make sure you and your music are there to greet them.

(Don’t think this is only for virtual music distribution, either! Have you considered contacting the owners of local popular hangouts about including your tracks in their music loop?)

3 – Keep Interacting!

More or less, the more you chat with or interact with fans online, the more they’ll want to interact with you. Online platforms provide ways for artists and fans to interact on a personal level that hasn’t been seen before in music.

Just remember: all it takes is retweeting a fan or dropping a short answer to a question, and you’ll make someone’s day. Then they’re even more likely to tell others about you.

Good Music Distribution Begins With Your Fans

Fans mean ears, interest and buzz. Know your fans, work with them and form good relationships with them. That’ll take you further in the music business than any gimmick.

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