What You Need to Know about GhostTunes

music distributionGarth Brooks has made a music distribution site. Seriously. The stranger thing is, it actually seems pretty good.

GhostTunes (short for Garth-Hosted Tunes, really!) launched recently amid fanfare, skepticism and downright befuddlement. The music distribution game is already insanely crowded, and arguably moving toward all-streaming. Was Garth so fashionably late that he’s out of style?

Well, only time will tell, but GhostTunes does have some compelling features that could turn it into a strong niche player. Here’s a quick rundown.

The Ghost With The Most? Four Reasons GhostTunes Might Succeed


1 – The $30 Garth Megabundle

Garth Brooks was famously one of the last holdouts keeping his music off digital services, which was odd for the third-bestselling artist in history… but not anymore. $29.99 buys Garth’s entire discography and then some. This alone is drawing many users to the service.

2 – More Artist Control

GhostTunes is a self-proclaimed “by artists, for artists” platform. Musicians have far more flexibility in pricing, bundling and even adding physical extras than on any other service. Most specifically, albums can be kept in a full-album format and not sold piecemeal, which is one of the main reasons Garth never embraced other services.

3 – Instant Listening

GhostTunes has an interesting hybrid cloud/download format. Every track purchased can be streamed immediately through the GhostTunes Locker service, while simultaneously being downloaded for offline play. DRM-free options are also available, at the artists’ discretion.

4 – A Good Opening Lineup

While GhostTunes doesn’t boast the same 20-30 million track catalog as more established services, it has a respectable 7ish million tracks, including plenty of big-label acts. This, along with the cloud streaming, should help convince people to buy more than just the Garth-o-rama bundle.

In short, GhostTunes is more than a mere vanity project and seems to offer some unique twists on the standard music distribution website. It’s had a strong launch, and has a good chance to find a profitable niche market.

Here at Songcast, we’re considering adding GhostTunes to our distribution lineup. Is this something you’d be interested in? Let us know below!

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