How to Make Your Facebook Timeline Sing

As an independent musician, you already know that getting the attention of the masses can be quite a challenge. Though social networking sites like Facebook are a blessing for those trying to get their name out there and to develop online marketing strategies, it can also become easy to get lost in the shuffle of other musical acts and artists. If you want succeed and stand out as an artist and with your online marketing strategies, here are a few tips to truly make your Facebook timeline “sing”.

Make it a one-stop shop

Visitors to your Facebook page are much less likely to check out your other content and online marketing strategies if they are not synched up to your Facebook page. It is a great idea to consolidate your online presence by syncing Twitter and your Blog to your Facebook page. You can also utilize the YouTube app for Facebook in order to instantly share your personal videos and recordings with your fans.

Get in touch

One great thing about Facebook is that you are able to collect your fan’s e-mail addresses so that you can keep them up-to-date on all of your upcoming events. This is ideal because although you may post these events, they can easily become lost in your fan’s newsfeeds. Being able to send updates and reminders to fans directly is the perfect way to keep you and your events on their minds.

Promote Events

Take advantage of your ability to create and promote Facebook events for any of your musical shows or events. This enables you to reach countless fans and friends of fans to keep them in the know as to all of your gigs on a website that they visit every day. In order to get RSVPs, you may consider offering discounted ticket prices to the first x-amount of fans to confirm that they will be coming. You will have a better idea as to what the turnout will be and will be able to keep everyone posted should any changes occur.

Let your fans advertise for you!

Facebook is a fabulous online marketing strategy because it enables you to utilize your fans to spread the word about you without them even realizing it. In order for this to occur, you must inspire your fans to be active on your Facebook timeline. Each time a fan posts on your timeline, his or her posting will be recorded on their own timeline for all of their friends to see. Consider adding discussion questions to your page. Another idea is adding a “memories” area…ask fans who were at your gig to share their craziest stories as to what they got up to last night. If anyone takes pictures of your shows, consider finding the funniest one and hosting a “Caption This!” contest with a free piece of merchandise as a prize. Anything you do to get your fans involved is a good online marketing strategy for your Facebook timeline!

Get followers with Giveaways

Giveaways can be an extremely valuable online marketing strategy for independent musicians like yourself. The amount of “likes” that you receive for your Facebook timeline are essential to getting your name out there and reaching new fans. You may consider offering a weekly giveaway of a piece of your merchandise to those who are connected to your page through “liking” it.

Instead of simply fading into the background, turn your Facebook into a brilliant and successful online marketing strategy. When you take the time to care for your site and adhere to these tips, the end result will be a Facebook Timeline that truly sings.

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