5 WordPress Plugins to Promote Your Music on Your Band’s Blog or Website

music_distribution_blogWordPress makes it easy for bands and artists to connect with their fans through a blog or website. Artists are able to use a variety of WordPress plugins that help to make a site more engaging and interesting to fans. Below are 5 of the key plugins to consider when you want to promote your music through your site.

1. WPaudio MP3 Player

This plugin allows for bands and artists to add MP3 files throughout their blog posts. The links appear as a small MP3 player that begins playing the track upon clicking the link. Also, you are able to customize how the link is styled easily, without editing the coding.

2. WP E-Commerce

Most likely your band has developed merchandise, from t-shirts to CDs to bumper stickers and other items that help to promote your band. Many bands have a merchandise table at their shows and performances, giving fans the opportunity to show their loyalty. By adding WP E-Commerce to your blog or website you will give fans the chance to purchase your gear all the time.

3. Lifestream

Lifestream allows you to promote your music by combining all of your band’s social media profiles into one customizable box on your blog or website. Through Lifestream you are able to showcase all of your profiles, from videos added to your YouTube account to art added to DeviantART and Facebook posts. This plugin takes social media a step further and makes it easier for your site visitors to access all of your social media at one point.

4. Share This

A plugin such as Share This is vital for a musician blog or website and should be found on every page and can help you to sell music online. Share This allows users to share a specific picture, blog post or other site content throughout their own social media platforms and communication avenues.

5. Gigpress

Gigpress keeps your site visitors up to date with tour dates and shows. The plugin allows you to embed a customized calendar into WordPress. Throughout the calendar viewers will be able to see venues, times and relevant links to buy tickets if needed.

Use the above WordPress plugins to ensure your band’s blog is able to engage your fans and readers. For more information on how to promote your music or sell music online contact SongCast today.

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  • Peter 10 / 06 / 2012 Reply

    Nice plugin, it looks like a really good option, thanks for shaing! I will inclue it in my next theme

    • Mike 29 / 06 / 2012 Reply

      You are very welcome Peter!

  • kathleen sullivan (kc blake) 13 / 06 / 2012 Reply

    yes hello,I need to get a website on.I am brand new at this,just did 8 songs that you just put on for me.how do I do this! kc blake

  • Rocker 08 / 10 / 2014 Reply

    Good post. I personally think that this type of article is important in sharing knowledge. We have to accept that the members of bands will all have different attitudes to digital marketing, but helpingn raise awareness of what is available is important.

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