SoundCloud has Changed the Face of EDM Music

music_businessFor better or worse, mainstream EDM is a thing now, and SoundCloud has become party central for dance music fans.

As the largest social music site, SoundCloud is already key to the online music business. However, its links to EDM seem especially tight: the two are rising together.

What does this mean for your dance tracks?

EDM and Soundcloud: The Good, The Pretty, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good: Direct Audience Participation

The best aspect of SoundCloud, especially as a tool in the music business, is the connection it makes between artists and fans. Discussion is often lively, and the time-specific track commenting tells you what “bits” your fans like most.

In a crowd-pleasing genre like EDM, that’s invaluable feedback.

The Pretty: Shiny New Interface!

If you’ve been turned off by SoundCloud’s bare-bones interface before, give it another try. They recently rolled out a new interface that’s nicer-looking and (amazingly) has also solved some of their buffering problems and other bugs.

It’s now significantly more fun and friendly for your visitors.

The Bad: The Black Hole Of Mediocrity

The explosion of EDM on SoundCloud has created an endless stream of utterly disposable, generic tracks created by undemanding musicians for undemanding audiences.

This is making it increasingly difficult for artists to stand out, even those who have something new to offer. SoundCloud and EDM may smother each other in bland beats, if overall quality doesn’t improve somewhat.

The Ugly: Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap

SoundCloud has been slower about rolling out anti-astroturfing policies, and it’s very easy for unscrupulous artists to game the system with fake listens and purchased comments.

This adds another layer of complexity for artists trying to legitimately get ahead.

Will SoundCloud Help Your EDM Music Business?

Right now, if you’re in electronic music, you “have” to be on SoundCloud. However, rather than relying on SoundCloud itself to drive listens, make it part of your outreach. Encourage people on other social services and networks to visit SoundCloud.

That should avoid the cruft and astroturfing poseurs, and will give your fans direct access to your music.

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